It's hard to budget for something as ever changing as the needs for a genoa.Let us know how much you'd like to spend, your specific sailing needs and we'll help you navigate to a sound decision.



Roller Reefable Headsails are advised to be constructed in the Tri-Radial panel design due to the unusual loads presented to the material. The Rope Flattener is a system that helps reduce the camber as the sail is furled. Head and tack webbing loops are standard for smooth furling and reduced chafe on metal extrusions. Leech and foot cords are standard in all headsails. Storm Jibs can be constructed from Orange colored material for better visibility. ​



Headsails may be constructed from Dacron, Cruising Mylar, and Cruising Pentex Mylar for Cruising and Performance Cruising applications. Kevlar/Aramid Mylar, Carbon Mylar, Spectra/Dynema Mylar, and D4 Custom Load Path Mylar are available for use in Racing applications. X-Ply design is applied in all Mylar material Crosscut panel design is available for all Dacron choices. Vertical panel design and Tri-Radial panel design is available in Dacron and Mylar.